My tools are my toys

The more I experimented, the better I got at making ceramics. I got paid for it – No! I did not. But I got the commission to make more which has left me with a sense of great appreciation and gratitude. I never had a career plan. When you are an artist/a craft(wo)man, you do […]

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Have More, Be More

We joke about “first-world problems” but we have become the victims of our own success. Stress-related health issues, anxiety disorders, and cases of depression have skyrocketed over the past thirty years, despite the fact that everyone has a flat-screen TV and can have their groceries delivered. Our crisis is no longer material. It is existential.

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This constant dissatisfaction kept our spices fighting and striving, conquering, building. For more popular and admirable – admired. Then I chased behind the idea… We could completely decentralize industry and agriculture. The technology could serve life instead of serving capitals.

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