“In spite of our ability to explain the natural world, there is still a certain mystery to how matter changes form, seeming at first to be one thing, then becoming another. Light things become dark, soft things become hard, solid things begin to flow. Such transformations open onto questions of our own being and becoming and how we find ourselves in a world of flux. Seeing simple mysteries of matter in the elements of earth, water and fire, may remind us that the universe is an amazing place, a source of wonder. “

-Linda Swanson

All common traditional ceramic base glazes are made from only a dozen elements (plus oxygen). Materials decompose when glazes melt, sourcing these elements in oxide form. The kiln builds the glaze from these, Assuming that all materials do melt or dissolve completely into the melt to release those oxides. Each of these oxides contribute specific properties to the glass. This (on the left) is one of my tryout result. Glazes are sometimes unpredictable. And i believe there is no bad glaze there are only undesired glazes.